About Peanut Hero

Peanut Hero is a colorful, lively video game designed to pique young kids’ interest in farming and peanut production in particular. As a cheap source of lean protein that can thrive in poor soil and with inconsistent rain, peanut is an important plant. But, while more and more studies show the benefits of a plant-based diet, and health-conscious adults are adding nuts and legumes to their diets, peanut consumption has leveled off. Other nuts are gaining market share, while peanut consumption is relatively static. Peanut Hero can energize kids to love peanuts and care about how they are grown. Through Farmer Fred, players bring in a healthy peanut crop. By making the most of rain, fighting weeds and bugs, harvesting on time and other good practices, Fred's a hero.

The Farm

Fred’s farm is a typical peanut farm, with fields, a tractor, irrigation system and more. As Fred goes about his business planting seeds, fighting pest and harvesting a crop, conditions on the farm change.

The Game


The player is Fred, a farmer who grows peanuts on his small farm in South Georgia. He loves his farm and working with the elements to make a crop.


Players plant seed, tap the elements that make plants grow, fight the weeds and pests that steal yield.


Bouncing along on a tractor, players collected points for success in planting, collecting rain, destroying weeds and other farm tasks. There is no way to lose, but good farming practices can help Fred to win.


Success is measured in peanut butter! Players are rewarded with tasty peanut butter for each completed level.



Age 3-5

Learning through play

Seeing how farming works

Amazon Fire

Bright colors

Easy game play for small hands

Visual game play

Rewards for play

Quick to learn rules


Ages 6-12

Developing a strategy

Learning compound effects in ag

iPad and iPhone

Connected story

Engaging through kinetic play

Random events effect outcome

Skill effects outcome

Results of gameplay show on Home screen


Ages 15-105

Play in the office

Learning about farm life

Desktop computer

Repeated play throughout the day

Reinforces the risk of farming

Positive story provides agvocacy voice

Teaches basic agronomy of peanut